About us

Vvaldmeer, from the German ‘Wald’ (forest) & ‘Meer’ (sea)

“A forest so vast that it looks like the sea”

Vvaldmeer ultimately is a place to come together and enjoy excellent coffee and tasty food, lovingly made and prepared by friendly faces.

Single O Coffee Roasters (Sydney) provides our always delicious house blend, while you can also expect to have a choice of an ever changing selection of specialty coffees from roasters near and far, such as Almanac Coffee (Brisbane), Wood and Co. (Melbourne), Onibus (Tokyo), Fjord (Berlin) – and many more. If you even have a favourite roaster that you think we should try, let us know, and maybe we’ll be able to get them on the brew bar! Our passionate baristas are also more than happy to answer your questions, make a recommendation, or just shoot the breeze about the delights of specialty coffee.

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen crew feels just as strongly about the quality of the food on offer at Vvaldmeer. We are heavily focussed on producing our menu in house and sourcing fresh produce locally and sustainably, as well as managing our waste responsibly through our partnership with Loop Growers. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast meal, something on the sweeter side, or a delicious cake or pastry, there will be something to satisfy those cravings. Much of the menu is also vegan, or customisable to be vegan.